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The VirtualDealRooms VDRs are a simple solution to a tricky problem - how to share sensitive files with just those people who need to see them.

A VDR is a folder, or series of folders, of files held securely on a computer that you own. The VirtualDealRooms system enables you to control who can add files to those folders and who can just read the files in the folder. Each VDR is completely separate from any other on the system, so having permission to access one VDR does not automatically give access to any others.

Secure Messaging

A key feature of VirtualDealRooms is Secure Messaging. The VDR not only notifies the members of each appropriate User-Group when a document is made available in the VDR, it also provides a secure messaging center where users can message each other about documents without ever leaving the system, or exposing information to open email. Secure Messaging is available from anywhere using a regular browser either on a desktop, phone or other mobile device. Secure Messaging sends alerts by regular email to ensure timely notification.

Main Features

Employee AccountsUnlimited Dedicated Account ManagerYes
User AccountsUnlimitedTransmitted File EncryptionYes
Number of PagesUnlimitedStored File EncryptionYes
Number of Deal Rooms per serverUnlimited'View-only' PermissionsYes
File StorageUnlimitedGranular user access controlYes
Custom Branding featureIncludedUser-group ManagerYes
Full customizationAvailableMultiple User-groupsUnlimited
Email and Telephone SupportYesSecure MessagingIncluded

Full customization

VirtualDealRooms are easy to brand with your corporate colors and logos. We also offer a full customization service where the overall appearance of the VDR can be customized to your requirements.

Easy install to the location of your choice

VirtualDealRooms software installs easily onto current versions of Windows and gives secure document sharing from across the LAN or across the Internet with minimal configuration. It can be installed anywhere you are comfortable with - on your local network, at a conventional hosting center or even in a public Cloud like Amazon AWS.

All set up and configuration is managed by Wizards or ordinary dialog box controls.

We also offer an installation service



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